Mr. Califano is dedicated to aggressively protecting the rights of the accused. He is a member of the State Bar of Arizona and is admitted to practice in state and federal court. Mr. Califano has represented nearly one thousand clients and is an experienced trial lawyer.

He has substantial criminal-defense experience and has represented clients charged with crimes ranging from minor traffic offenses to murder.

He has represented several hundred clients charged with DUI and has conducted seminars for other attorneys about DUI laws and trial strategy when defending DUI cases.

He prides himself on offering the best representation, while keeping his fees low. Mr. Califano will fight for you. Free initial consultation.

28 Criminal and DUI cases dismissed during 2013

State v. F.F.
2013 Assault
Dismissed at Trial

State v. J.P.
2013 Drug DUI
Reckless Driving plea offer

State v. J.C.

2013 DUI
4th Amendment Violation


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