How much does a DUI Lawyer cost in Arizona?

A common question is: “How much do you charge for a DUI?” It’s an understandable question as none of us have a pile of money we want to squander. The answer is, of course, it depends on the circumstances of your case.

One of the reasons it’s important to have a meaningful consultation with an attorney is so your case can be analyzed with the information at hand and fair and reasonable attorney’s fees can be determined. Generally, I offer a free consultation on DUI matters and can give you a price quote after reviewing your case and speaking with you.

Free Consultation

The free consultation will not only cover the important details of your case with the information available and other additional costs that come with an Arizona DUI. Depending on your circumstances, we will talk about the possible outcome for your case, given the specific circumstances in your case.

A good attorney will never make promises about the outcome of any case until all the facts are known, which usually will take a few months. You should be wary of attorneys who make promises and assurances in any first consultation. During the initial consultation you and the attorney should discuss what the attorney will charge and why.

Look for Experience, Knowledge, Results, and Integrity

Considerations for hiring an attorney should be experience, knowledge, results, and integrity. My attorney fees for a DUI case are usually done on a “flat fee” basis.

Because of my extensive experience I can usually determine:

  • what will need to be done
  • approximate number of court appearances
  • time spent reviewing reports
  • body worn camera video
  • blood results and extended lab results
  • handling the ADOT/MVD issues
  • filing papers with the Courts and other necessary details.

A flat fee usually protects the client from most unforeseen expenses.
Depending on the issues and results of your case, an attorney may recommend hiring an expert to re-review lab test results, retest the blood, or even testify. This might be done if the attorney finds discrepancies, oddities, errors at the lab, or other issues.
In addition to the costs of the attorney, other costs involved with a DUI before conviction will likely be impound fees and costs associated with the tow, storage and release of your vehicle.

How much does a DUI Cost?

Costs associated with a DUI after a conviction are costly and quickly compound the consequences of one bad mistake.

  • Some DUI cases get dismissed with little to no cost.
  • Some cases have costs under $2,000 others have costs that could exceed $15,000.

Each case is different

It is important to talk to an Attorney who is familiar with all the variable, including the prosecutors and judges in each courthouse.
No one can measure the non-monetary costs in embarrassment, shame, loss of esteem and other emotional and mental losses that come with a DUI conviction in Arizona. Arizona is serious about punishing DUI offenders. They want the roads safer and the DUI driver to suffer.

To minimize the costs in money and anguish, you should have an experienced and knowledgeable Arizona DUI lawyer to represent you. I charge a flat fee that is usually far less than the combined costs of being convicted of a DUI. Often, I can save clients thousands in costs by eliminating or limiting costs associated with the interlock, fines, jail costs, counseling etc.

Experience matters.

Please call me to discuss your case. 602-402-8708.


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