Set Aside your Criminal Record with an Expungement

Have you been convicted of a crime?

If so, most criminal convictions can be set aside in Arizona.

Why get a Set Aside?

A set aside is an important step in distancing yourself from a criminal charge. Some of the benefits of a set aside include:

  • bring personal closure.
  • make it easier to find a job
  • obtain professional credential
  • be accepted in a desired school
  • obtain housing

After a judge has set aside the conviction, the judge must dismiss the charges. This means that once the case has been set aside, a party performing a background check will see that the case has been dismissed.  This looks much better than a criminal conviction for the charge(s), but understand the set aside and dismissal will not completely erase the charges. See A.R.S. 13-905 for more information.

Why not hire a more affordable form company?

Many national companies offer set asides for under $600.  These companies are usually not law firms and are not allowed to file paperwork or motions with the Court on your behalf.

In fact, you will not get any legal advice from these companies and rarely, if ever, will this type of company be a successful option for an Arizona conviction.

These companies are not going to be able to provide you an attorney and, without an Arizona attorney, cannot give you legal advice related to an Arizona conviction.  While the initial cost is cheap, there is little value in their service.

Additionally, by hiring Law Office of Kristopher Califano, pllc., you are actually hiring Kris Califano – a highly experienced Arizona licensed attorney.  Mr. Califano has been an Arizona attorney for more than 10 years and has defended thousands of cases.  He lives and offices in Phoenix and is very familiar with the set aside process and laws.  You will not speak with a lawyer with many national companies. If you do speak with a lawyer, you will not be able to sit down and meet with that lawyer.

With Law Office of Kristopher Califano, you can call Kris for a free telephone consultation about your case before paying him any money.  Additionally, you will be able to speak and meet with Mr. Califano as he reviews your case. Do not waste money with an online company that has very little accountability and cannot legally file paperwork on your behalf.


Each case is different, but generally, Mr. Califano charges $1500 for a set aside.  However, Mr. Califano’s office is offering an online discount and can file most set asides for less.

For more information please call 602-402-8708 (direct) or his office at 602-469-4170.

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